iLogic: Automate Your Print Jobs

Have you ever wanted to use iLogic to print drawings, or create specific printer setups? Look no further, I have converted the Inventor print API sample to iLogic and expanded it to expose additional functions. Using this code you could set up rules for specific print job types, or just for specific printers. The code... Continue Reading →

Inventor 2020.1: Copy Properties Update

A really small, but useful enhancement to Inventor has been made in the 2020.1 update, and that is the addition of an icon next to the "Copy Properties" tool on the right click menu (drawing environment), as show above. The "Copy Properties" tool is a really useful way to match the properties of on Dimension... Continue Reading →

Inventor 2020.1 Horizontal Shortcut

Inventor 2020.1 has a nice small enhancement to the Sketching environment, and that is the inclusion of a keyboard shortcut for the Horizontal command. To access the Horizontal Command in Inventor 2020.1's sketch environment, simply press the dash key [ - ] (as shown below) When Mousing over the commands, both Horizontal and Vertical Constraints,... Continue Reading →

Inventor 2020.1 Virtual Part Update

Inventor 2020.1 release is now live, have a look at the details here. One of my new favourite features is the update to "Virtual Components", or virtual parts. These can now be added to your Assemblies directly from the BoM environment. I'm a big fan of them, as they save a lot of time, and... Continue Reading →

Heads or Tails with iLogic (UPDATED)

A while back I seemed to get obsessed with finding ways to use random number generators, and I created two interesting use cases, one was a coin flipper and the other was the magic 8 ball, I have these tagged on my site under "Toys", which makes them easier to find. The original Coin Toss... Continue Reading →

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