Inventor 2020.1 Virtual Part Update

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Inventor 2020.1 release is now live, have a look at the details here.

One of my new favourite features is the update to “Virtual Components”, or virtual parts. These can now be added to your Assemblies directly from the BoM environment. I’m a big fan of them, as they save a lot of time, and can really help improve the accuracy of your BoM’s in Inventor, by allowing you to add consumables, such as grease or locktite to a BoM (things that you would not normally model).

Have a look at the animated GIF below, showing off the new 2020.1 workflow:

2020.1 Virtual Component

If you are not familiar with Virtual Components, have a look at the blog post below, which explains everything you need to know about Virtual Components and how they work!

Understanding Virtual Components

2 thoughts on “Inventor 2020.1 Virtual Part Update

  1. Hi Clintbrown, thanks for your posts so far. They have been really helpful. I hope you don’t mind this comment is for one of your posts that is now closed for comments. This refers to your post titled “Automatic Drawings with iLogic”. Please is it possible to have the drawings created for all the ipart configurations automatically without having to run the script one for each? Your help will be greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks,

  2. Hi Kelvin

    I’m glad you like the Auto-drawing code.

    I’ll have a think about how to do this, give me a few weeks (I have a lot going on, and this blog site is a hobby of mine).


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