8 Ways to Edit iProperties – Guest post

Guest Post by Sarah Manning

In this blog post, I’m going to show you 8 ways to access and edit iProperties in Autodesk inventor, I’ve focused this primarily on parts and assemblies, but the concept is very similar across other file types too. Also check out the section at the end for tips on editing your iProperties in the Windows Explorer!

There are several ways to access your iProperties, these methods work in Parts and Assemblies;

Method 1 : Right click on the part, at the top of the model browser, and select iProperties.

Method 2: From the “File Menu” select iProperties.

Method 3: Click iProperties icon on the quick access toolbar (this one happens to be my favourite).

Method 4: In an assembly, simply right click on any sub assembly or part, and select iProperties.

Method 5: In an assembly, right click on a component and choose iProperties. Bonus workflow here, you can change your selection filter, to single out parts, or assemblies.

Method 6: Right click on any of the open tabs in your Inventor Session and select iProperty.

Method 7: In an assembly, any iProperty that is visible in your Bill of Materials can be edited, see “Stock Number” below. From a BoM, you can edit multiple component iProperties without having to open the file, this is a really cool way to edit a lot of parts all at once.

Method 8: Windows explorer. From within Windows Explorer, you can right click on any Inventor file (assuming you have Inventor installed on that pc) and then select iProperties.

An iProperties dialogue will pop up, it’s very similar to what you see in Inventor, you can edit iProperties from here, clicking Apply will make the changes to the file.

But be careful, if you have the file open in Inventor, as when you go to the iProperties of the file you will be presented with a message saying that the iProperties have been edited out of this session, clicking yes, will pull the iProperties from Windows Explorer through to Inventor. In my testing, any geometry changes that I had made in Inventor were unaffected (but please do your own testes to confirm!).

After clicking yes, the normal Inventor iProperties are displayed, with the changes from Windows Explorer.

What’s your favourite? Have I left out any? Drop me a line on Twitter if there are any others you would like me to add to this post.

About the Author:

Sarah Manning is a Mechanical Engineer working for an equipment manufacturer in the English Midlands. Sarah specialises in Inventor, and you can see her blog posts by clicking on her profile below.

Sarah Manning

Find Sarah on Twitter @SarahInventor

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  1. It would be nice to have a dialog such as yours (Inventor iProperty Helper from previous post) pinned to the right side of Inventor, displaying selected iproperties from whatever element is currently selected and are editable, be it a part or assembly.

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