Be A Guest Blogger

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If you would like to write an article for this site, please send your details over, via the Contact Page.

All submissions will be considered, but must conform to the rules below. I do however reserve the right to not publish your submission.


  • Original Content – You must be the original author of the content
  • Exclusive Content – The content cannot be published anywhere else on the web, and cannot later be published elsewhere (eg. on your blog). The reason for this is that Search Engines penalise duplicate content.
  • Bio – We need a short bio and photo of you for the site to go along with the blog post.
  • What do you get out of this? – Bragging rights. This site does not make any money, in fact it costs me money to run, so other than Kudos, you will not get paid for any articles that get published on the site. Your Bio, photo and link to your website (or social media) will be shared on the site. I share every blog post with my network on Twitter (1 200+ followers), LinkedIn (2 100+ Followers), Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr, Instagram, Pintrest and my mailing list.
  • Final edit – I may edit the post slightly to make it fit my site’s brand, for example, I will create a header image for the post, and I may make tweaks to the content. You will always have the final say, if you are unhappy with the post, we can edit it or take it down.
  • Autodesk and related content – I am only looking for content related to Autodesk software, I’m happy to publish information about related products (such as Revit, Civil 3D etc.) that I don’t usually write about.



  • Word Doc – Once you have contacted me and agreed an outline, please lay out the blog post in MS word.
  • Format – Be clear in your message, include images and keep it simple (check out more guidelines here)
  • Image Compression – Please compress all images using this website.