Numberpile for the Win!

    Ever wanted to place a balloon without a leader onto a drawing in Fusion 360? I’ve recently shared a workaround, and thought I should document it. The trick is to download and install the Numberpile font. It comes in 2 variants, Numberpile & Numberpile Reversed. The “Reversed” version is more traditional (see bubbles 1 &… Continue Reading →

    Auxiliary Views in Fusion 360

    In the May 2022 release of Fusion 360, we added Auxiliary views. My colleague Kyle put together a great quick tip video: It’s worth noting that when selecting an edge, you can pull a view off of it, either perpendicular (left, as per video above), or aligned to the edge (right). In the images below,… Continue Reading →

    Hole Charts from STEP Files

    I was asked how to get hole information from a STEP file into a Hole Chart in Fusion 360. As you know, STEP files are a neutral file format that do not contain any features. Fusion 360 has a really neat tool called “Find Features”, which allows you to recognise the features in an imported… Continue Reading →

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