Setting up 3rd Angle ISO Templates

    By default, ISO templates in Fusion 360 use 1st Angle projection. Setting up 3rd Angle drawing templates is really simple. The video below outlines the steps to set up a 3rd Angle drawing template in Fusion 360.

    Fusion Drawings Wrapped 2021

    We’ve had a busy year on the Fusion 360 drawings team, below is a video showing the customer facing enhancements that we made in 2021. We have a lot planned in 2022. As we mature the drawings workspace, we will be adding even more functionality. If you’d like to get in touch to discuss how… Continue Reading →

    Nov/Dec New Drawing Features

    The November/December Fusion 360 update has some really nice enhancements for Manage Extension users, we now support additional Manage Extension Properties in the title block, check out the official Fusion 360 blog for more on this. Improvements and Bug fixes: In addition to the new features mentioned above, the team spent a large portion of… Continue Reading →

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