Unicode Reference for Extra Symbols

    You may need to include additional symbols on your drawings in Fusion 360. The good news, is that we support Unicode symbols. If you’re looking to add a symbol like the “Unequally disposed profile” Ⓤ, or a symbol that is not part of the standard Fusion palette, the tables below have got you covered. Simply… Continue Reading →

    Edit Balloon Sizes & Text Heights

    In the August update to Fusion 360 we added control over Text Height Groups. This enhancement give users control over the text based annotations on drawings, including Balloons! The default setting for Text Height Groups is “Medium”, changing this to “Small”, or “Large” with scale all text elements down or up proportionally. Dimension arrows, text… Continue Reading →

    Fusion 360 August Drawing Updates

    In the Fusion 360 August 2021 updates, we added several enhancements. Text Height Group – control balloon sizes, text sizes etc. Line Weights Group – more control over line weights, (with custom options) Grips overhaul – we removed redundant grips and aligned grips with the sketch environment Check out the video showing an overview of… Continue Reading →

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