iLogic Properties Tool-Tip #3

This week's post is a variation on a theme, hence the name. I've previously written about "Tool-Tips" with iLogic in Inventor (see posts below). The common theme is that the tool-tip will show iProperties for a part in the assembly (using a section filter). This version shows these properties at the tool-tip, as well as... Continue Reading →

iLogic: Unexpected Results

Guest Post by Jelte de Jong If you have read any of my blogs post before, you'll know that I like to challenge myself to solve other Inventor user's problems. I usually find these problems on the Inventor Customization Forum. A while back, I came across an interesting problem. This user wanted to change the iProperties... Continue Reading →

iLogic: Get & Set User Parameters

I saw a forum post in the Inventor Customisation forum and I thought I should share some iLogic code that I use for the getting and setting user parameters. It's pretty simple, but really effective. The code adds all user parameters to an Array, which it then presents to the user in the form of... Continue Reading →

iLogic – Centre & Arrange Dimensions

I've been doing a bit of work on an iLogic configurator and I thought it would be useful to share some code that I have been using for quite some time. Often when creating configured products, the dimensions on the sheet move, and need some tidying up. This iLogic utility centres all of the dimensions... Continue Reading →

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