Updated Inventor Starwars Intro

few months back I published the "Creating a Star Wars Intro Scroll in Autodesk Inventor" blog post. This is the updated version, I'm calling it IntroScroller2.0 : In the original post I did not share the files, which a few people have since asked me for, so I thought I would post them, but I also... Continue Reading →

Heads or Tails with iLogic (UPDATED)

A while back I seemed to get obsessed with finding ways to use random number generators, and I created two interesting use cases, one was a coin flipper and the other was the magic 8 ball, I have these tagged on my site under "Toys", which makes them easier to find. The original Coin Toss... Continue Reading →

Magic 8 Ball in Inventor With iLogic

I built a magic 8 ball using iLogic, utilising the random number generator to create a random answer. You are probably wondering why... Well the answer is, why not! I got the idea while stuck in traffic, and it was really quick and easy to knock together, so I thought I would share it here.... Continue Reading →

Heads or Tails in Inventor with iLogic

This is admittedly a bit of a random idea! This blog post shows how to flip a coin using iLogic in Inventor. UPDATE: There is a new version that uses a 3D Coin in an Inventor .IPT; available here. The idea came from my previous blog post, looking at generating random numbers to create colours.... Continue Reading →

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