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I often need to update my out of office, based on what I am up to, and generally it is something that gets left to the last minute. The messages are often a variation on a theme, depending on what I am doing, and where I am.

With this in mind, I thought I would build an “Out of Office Generator” to automate this task and do the heavy lifting for me. Yes there are better tools to do this with, but hopefully my idea will get re-used by someone else, for another purpose (like drawing notes).

The GIF below shows how it works:

Out of office

The “Generator” is very simple, it uses Inventor Parameters and iProperties to build up the message. The Inventor Parameters are all text parameters, with some of them set up as Multi-value. The Multi-value parameters are used to create the drop downs on the form.

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The date is pulled from the “Checked Date” iProperty

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The form is pretty standard, it contains the Parameters and iProperties to create the Out of office, as well as an image. The date property is really neat, clicking on it displays a calendar, allowing for easy selection. The 2 rules are pulled in and work as buttons at the bottom of the form.

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There are 3 iLogic rules in the drawing file;

  • “OOF”  – which stands for Out of Office
  • “Run Form” – this displays the form, and is set to run when the file opens, see the image below showing the event Trigger setup
  • “Preview” – this shows a message box preview of the “Out of Office” message before it is exported to test file.

@ClintBrown3D Autodesk Inventor 17

All of the iLogic code is really simple, I have included the file (Inventor 2019 format) with all of the code.

Download the file here:

Remember to unblock the file. Right click > Properties> Unblock

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