Vault 2019 – Get Your Add-ins in Order

You may have the Autodesk Vault Client installed on your CAD workstation, but find that the product specific add-ins are not installed. This is pretty simple to resolve, the steps laid out below show how I recently added the Vault add-ins for MS Outlook and AutoCAD Electrical to my system. Step one, go to "Apps... Continue Reading →

Super Charge Your Vault Searches

Autodesk Vault has some very powerful search functionality built in, and with a few extra tricks up our sleeve, you can become a search Jedi! Here are a few things you can try. Try *. to find files of a specific extension: eg: *.ipt will find all part files, *.iam will find all assembly files Try... Continue Reading →

What the heck is a Non-Tip Error in Vault?

The "Sync properties not allowed on non-tip versions" error message in Autodesk Vault has been known to cause a bit of a panic with Vault Administrators, as it sounds very serious and re-submitting the failed job does not resolve it. So what does "Sync properties not allowed on non-tip versions" mean? Basically, the job processor... Continue Reading →

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