Drawings Hackathon & Trophy

I haven't publicly spoken about my new job, so here goes. Just over 3 months ago, I joined the PDMS team at Autodesk as a Product Manager. My primary focus is on 2D drawings in Fusion 360. We're building some pretty awesome tools, you should definitely check out the Public Roadmap for Fusion drawings. Today... Continue Reading →

Fusion 360 Calibrating 1:1 Prints

The print dialogue in Fusion is relatively simple, you hit print, it sends your drawing to the printer, magic! What may not be obvious, is what happens behind the scenes, and how the drawing is scaled. Here’s how printing from Fusion 360 desktop client works. Fusion 360 prints 1:1 when the paper size of the... Continue Reading →

Placing Dimensions: iLogic 2021

Using "Capture Current State" to Automate Dimensions with iLogic. iLogic in 2021 introduces the ability to add dimensions to drawings and to capture the state of selected geometry on a drawing view. In this example I'm going to show you how to create a linear dimension. In the image below I have named some faces... Continue Reading →

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