Edit Balloon Sizes & Text Heights

In the August update to Fusion 360 we added control over Text Height Groups. This enhancement give users control over the text based annotations on drawings, including Balloons!

The default setting for Text Height Groups is “Medium”, changing this to “Small”, or “Large” with scale all text elements down or up proportionally. Dimension arrows, text and extension line gaps are also scaled.

The “Custom” option lets you control the size of individual text groups. A simple overview would look something like this;

Large Text Height Group: Balloons, View labels, Section/Detail Labels

Medium Text Height Group: Dimensions, Tables & Notes

Small Text Height Group: Tolerance text (ISO only)

How do I change the size of my Balloons in Fusion 360?

Simply set your Text Height Group to “Custom”, then change the size of the “Large” Text Height Group to your desired size. But do remember that Balloons belong to a group, so the size of your view & section labels will be updated too.

More details on specific Text Height Groups can be found here.

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