Numberpile for the Win!

Ever wanted to place a balloon without a leader onto a drawing in Fusion 360? I’ve recently shared a workaround, and thought I should document it.

The trick is to download and install the Numberpile font. It comes in 2 variants, Numberpile & Numberpile Reversed. The “Reversed” version is more traditional (see bubbles 1 & 2 above), with Numberpile being black circles with white text (see bubble 3 above).

To add a numbered bubble, simply use the “Text” command and choose either Numberpile or NumberPile Reversed as required.

The download contains a zip file with the End User Agreement, as well as the 2 fonts referenced above and a handy reference guide, which you will definitely need.

To install the font(s), simply double-click the .TTF files then click install (as shown below).

You will need to restart Fusion to see the new fonts.

Note: I have downloaded and scanned the .TTF files with Windows Defender and found no issues. However, as the download is on a 3rd party website, which could change over time, I suggest that you do the same on your end. You are ultimately responsible for anything you download and install on your system.

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