Unit Formats

Decimal Units (mm, cm, in, ft, m)

The decimal units can be represented as an inch, meter, millimeter, or any other unit.

Architectural Units (in & ft)

Architectural units are based on the feet and inches. It uses fractions to represents the partial inches. It displays feet and inches in the format of decimals and fractions. For example, 4′-5 1/2″. Here, single quotes (‘) signifies feet and double quotes (“) signifies inches.

Engineering Units (in & ft)

The engineering units are like architectural units, but they represent the feet and inches in the format of the decimal. For example, 4’5.5000″

Fractional Units (in & ft)

The fractional units display the value in fractions rather than decimals. For example, 5/2. It also represents whole numbers or whole numbers with fractions. For example, 5 ½

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