Updating graphics setting for Fusion 360 customers experiencing “fuzzy” or missing geometry in their drawing on Windows

Most, but not all the reports are from systems with an AMD GPU. The issue is believed to be caused by a recent Windows update that has rolled back some graphics drivers.

To update your system, please follow these steps:

  • Run Windows Update; be sure to reboot if any updates were installed
  • Find the graphics card manufacturers latest official driver. The steps below show a quick way to find the graphics card manufacturer’s website from Fusion 360.
  • Take note of the graphics card information (you will need this later)
  • Uninstall Fusion, using the Cleaner tool.
  • Locate the correct driver on the manufacturer’s website.
  • Install the driver (as per the manufacturers recommendations).
  • Once the graphics driver is updated, Reboot the PC.
  • Install Fusion.

If there are still graphics issues, update graphics driver for the built-in Intel HD graphics chipset

The easiest way to update Intel graphics card is intel DSA. This tool will detect and offer upgrades for Intel drivers.

If this is not successful, override the automatic graphics configuration by setting a Windows system variable.

  1. Close Fusion
  2. Edit the Windows environment, and add environment variable GS_DEVICE. Set the value to one of: Dx11,  swDx11,  Dx12,  swDx12  or  OGL
  3. You may need to test more than one variable on your system.

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