Autodesk Vault Error Codes


The Vault Job processor may from time to time throw an error, and the list below may come in handy.

This list is usually published in the SDK folder, which most users will not have on their Vault servers, so this may prove to be a handy resource to bookmark.

Code Name Comments
0 UnspecifiedSystemException Used when the error code is invalid.
100 CreateKnowledgeVaultDatabase Error creating the knowledge vault.
102 DatabaseExists Database already exists.
106 TransactionInvalidPrincipal An example would be making a call without being logged into a vault for methods
108 TransactionManagementError Cannot create database connection and/or transaction
109 DatabaseError Generic error for unexpected database issues.
111 BadResourceRelativePath General error for failures to store or access a resource in the file store
114 CreateSystemMasterDatabase could not create KnowledgeVaultMaster Database
130 UnknownVersion Unable to determine the version of a KnowledgeVault or Master
131 InvalidAdminDbLogin The database admin login is invalid
132 DirectoryNotEmpty The directory is not empty
133 KnowledgeVaultDoesNotExist The Knowledge Vault referenced doesn’t exist
134 KnowledgeVaultsAttached There are Knowledge Vaults still attached.
137 IllegalInputParam One of the inputs to the service call is incorrect.
138 IllegalDatabaseName Database name is not allowed. Most likely due to illegal characters.
139 IllegalPath Specified folder is illegal.
140 DuplicatePath Specified folder is already in use.
143 UserAlreadyExists Duplicate User Name
144 DbFileAlreadyExists Database error because an MDF or LDF file with that name already exists.
146 MigrationPathNotFound Cannot determine the migration steps.
147 PathTooLong The specified path is too long.
148 UnsupportedProduct The vault has a product installed that is not installed on the server
150 KnowledgeVaultMasterDoesNotExist The KnowledgeVaultMaster referenced doesn’t exist
152 IllegalRestoreDBLocation Cannot restore db files to a remote location
153 InvalidBackupDirectory Selected directory does not contain a valid backup structure.
154 InvalidUserId The user ID is not valid
155 IllegalNullParam A null value was passed in where a null value is not allowed.
157 AdministratorCannotBeRemoved
158 CircularReference
160 BadId
164 MigrationXmlError migrations.xml identifies the .sql scripts and C# code that need to be executed for
165 KnowledgeLibraryDoesNotExist Occurs during restore – also see KnowledgeVaultDoesNotExist:133)
167 AttachWrongDatabaseType
171 DuplicateLibraryGuid There is already a KnowledgeLibrary with the same GUID
173 ReadOnlyFile Trying to perform a write operation on a read-only file
174 InvalidDatabaseCollation Trying to create a KVM with an invalid database collation (eg case sensitive)
175 InsufficientFilePermissions The user {1} does not have permission to the path {0}
176 GroupDoesNotExist
179 IOError IOException has been thrown. IOException.Message={0}
180 FileDoesNotExist
185 IncrementTurnedOff
186 IncRestoreInEligibleForAdminDataDirty
187 IncRestoreInEligibleForUserDataDirty
188 IncRestoreInEligibleForBadStateId
189 IncBackupInEligibleForAdminDataDirty
190 IncBackupInEligibleForUserDataNotdirty
191 IncBackupInEligibleForFullBackupUndone
192 MissingBackupPackages
193 ContentfileWrongFormatted
194 IncRestoreInEligibleForWrongIncrement
196 LibraryPartitionDoesNotExist
197 LibraryPartitionUpdateDoesNotExist
198 DatabaseServerNotCompatible
199 SystemTypeNotEditable
200 NonmemberSite
201 DatabaseLocked {0} is the name of the locking operation. {1} [currently unused] is the name of th
204 InvalidSiteName
205 CouldNotReplicate
207 NoFilestore
208 InvalidVaultSite
211 VaultDisabled
212 FileStoreMismatch There is a sentinal file with a vaultguid in the root of the filestore. This value need
213 OrphanedMetaData
214 RoleDoesNotExist
215 InvalidSystemDbLogin The system user [vaultsys] either doesn’t exist or doesn’t match the web.config pa
216 GroupAlreadyExists Duplicate Group Name
217 DuplicateVaultGuid
222 ChecksumValidationFailure
223 RestoringUnsupportedProducts Restore failed due to product difference between the server and the backup.
224 InvalidServiceExtensionConfig At least one type or method referenced in the ServiceExtenstions.xml file could no
226 LuceneSearchError Wrap any errors thrown by Lucene when searching.
227 LuceneIndexingError Wrap any errors thrown by Lucene when indexing.
228 InvalidServiceExtensionMethod Wrap any errors thrown when invoking a service extension method.
230 PropertyParsingFailed Search failed to parse a property value.
231 DatabaseDeadlock Generic error for unexpected database issues.
232 ConfigurationError Error occurred calling a config section handler
233 DatabaseLogFull
234 ArraysOfDifferentSizes Input arrays were of different lengths.
236 UnsupportedParameterType
237 DuplicateQueuedEvent
238 InvalidEventClass
239 UnreserveEventFailed
240 JobQueueDisabled
241 UnsupportedOperation
242 DuplicatePropertiesCannotBeToSamePropertyDef
243 PropertiesCannotHaveTheSamePriority
244 FailedToLoadPropertyProviderForProp
245 InvalidPropertyForPropertyProvider
246 IncompatiblePropertyDataTypes
247 CannotCreateNewForProperty
248 PropertyDoesNotSupportMappingDir
249 InvalidEntityClassId
250 CannotFindPropertyDefBySystemName
251 CannotCreatePropertyDef
252 CannotCreatePropertyDef_DisplayNameExists
253 PropertyDefIdDoesNotExist
255 PropertyDefIsNotMappedToEntityClass
256 SystemPropertyDefsCannotChangeThierEnitityClassMappings
257 CannotDeleteMappingsWhichAreInUseByEnts
258 PropertyDefDisplayNameExist
259 ContentSourcePropertyDefIdDoesNotExist
260 SystemPropertyDefsCannotBeDeleted
261 PropertyDefsCannotBeDeletedWithEntityRefs
262 CtntSrcPropProviderNotFound
263 BadNumberingSchemeId
264 NumberingSchemeIsDefault
265 DuplicateNumberSchemeName
266 NumberingSchemeInUse
267 LastNumberingSchemeCannotBeRemoved
268 GetNumberingSchemesBySchemeStatusFailed
269 ActivateNumberingSchemeFailed
270 DeactivateNumberingSchemeFailed
271 SetDefaultNumberingSchemeFailed
272 AddNumberingSchemeFailed
273 UpdateNumberingSchemeFailed
274 DeleteNumberingSchemeFailed
275 DeleteNumberingSchemeUnconditionalFailed
276 MethodNotSupportedWithBaseVaultServer
277 PropertyDefRequiresEntityClassMapping
278 PropertyDefDefaultValuesNotSupported
279 InvalidEntityClassName
280 OnlyReadMappingsSupported
281 CreateNewPropertyMappingsNotSupported
283 BadEntityId
284 EntityClassDoesNotSupportMapping
285 EntityClassDoesNotSupportMappingToCSType
286 MigrationInProgress
287 EntityClassDoesNotSupportLinks
288 AddLinkFailed
289 CreateNewAndDefaultMappingTypeNotSupported
290 UserDefinedPropertyListValuesNotSupported

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