Find out how the team at One.Fiction used Autodesk Flame in their latest film.

Monde Gumede is a talented director, he was been nominated for, and won several accolades, he would certainly make any 30 under 30 list for film making.

Chatting to Monde about the film, he told me about the “HUGE” work that Michael Naidoo, the Clean Up Artist did, using Autodesk Flame.

Monde has shared a few stills from the project, to show some the work done in Autodesk Flame.

Below is the before frame, notice the lighting rig, crew etc.

Here is the cleaned up frame, with the rig etc painted out and moving sections of ocean included.

Another “Before” shot.

Here is the “After” effect.

The film is called Yemanjá! Below is a trailer, give it a watch and please share this far and wide.

One.Fiction – Film & commercials creative consultant


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