Creating a Star Wars Intro Scroll in Autodesk Inventor

After watching a video on the creation of the famous Star wars intro crawl, I figured that I could easily re-create this in Autodesk Inventor.

The results can be seen below:


In the original video, a transparent film with the yellow text printed on it, is pulled over a flat plane, while being filmed, this gives the illusion of the text disappearing into space.

So how did I recreate the intro crawl in Autodesk Inventor? Simple really, I created a basic part file in Inventor that contained the yellow text (see below).

Autodesk Inventor Starwars intro

I then inserted this single part file into an assembly and mated it to the 3 standard origin planes. The magic happens by driving the mate on the XZ planes.

Starwars explainer mate

The 2 final touches are setting the model up with a perspective view, and changing the background to a starry sky image.

You may be wondering why I chose Episode VII, it just happens to be the last Star Wars film that I saw. For the purists out there, I know that the background is not the same, that the font is different and that there are probably a hundred inaccuracies in my re-creation, the point of this post was to show what is possible. My challenge to you, is to do a recreation that George Lucas would be proud of, and then to share this with the community.

May the force be with you.

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