Auto Drawing FAQ – Additional Explanation

I’ve had a few people who are new to iLogic contact me about my blog post on Automatic Drawing creation with iLogic, and I thought that I should put together this bit of extra help, so that I don’t have to reply to 100’s of emails!

Please note that I put this blog site together in my spare time as a hobby, and as such, I cannot offer any support, everything I put out there is offered as is.

The info below should point you in the right direction, in fact if you follow the instructions perfectly, everything should work as expected.

I built and tested everything in Inventor 2019 and then 2020. The code does NOT work in earlier versions. It should work with newer versions.

The blog post outlines the 5 steps for creating a drawing for part files, it then suggests that you repeat the process for Assembly files. I have added a bit of context to the instructions, have another go, I’m sure it will all work fine.

  • Set up an external iLogic rule called “Create Drawing”. Paste the code from the blog post into this rule. Note that the rule must be an external iLogic rule. Here is a bit of help on creating external rules if needed.
  • Start a drawing file of an ipt file, set the views out as you see fit. You need to create a new drawing, and you need to place views of a part file down on the drawing (any part file will do), then save this drawing with a logical name, this is your new iLogic Automatic template file. 
  • In this New Drawing file Create a user parameter called “Opened”, set it to unitless (ul) and set the value to 1
  • In this New Drawing file Next, set up an Event trigger to run “After Open Document” and use the new “Create Drawing” external iLogic Rule.
  • Save the drawing file, and repeat this process for assembly files. The Assembly drawing will swap out assembly files, you cannot use a part drawing for assemblies with this code.
  • Edit the iLogic code to reflect your template file paths, note these template files should be in your project working directory

The Template files are shown under oCopyFiler in the code (as shown below)

Best of luck

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