Fusion Lifecycle Quick Tip: Logo Manager

Did you know that you can add your company logo to your Fusion Lifecycle tenant? There are 2 logos that you can add, one that is displayed on all pages, just below the title bar, and a larger logo on the login page.

To get to the Logo manager, navigate to “Administration” and “System Configuration”

Click on “Logo Manager”

The logo manager page will load, the image below shows the 2 options (Hint, click on this image for a larger view)

In my “Anchor Man” inspired version, I uploaded the 2 images shown below:

This is what my landing/login page looks like:

Below you can see my logo as displayed on the Fusion Lifecycle landing page.

Final notes:

The images need to be set up as jpg’s which means that you can’t use transparency. For my darker “top logo”, I used a dark blue background to match the standard browser setup from Autodesk. I used an eye dropper to copy the colour from the browser, but I have included the colour details below, as this might help you!

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