Nov/Dec New Drawing Features

The November/December Fusion 360 update has some really nice enhancements for Manage Extension users, we now support additional Manage Extension Properties in the title block, check out the official Fusion 360 blog for more on this.

Improvements and Bug fixes:

In addition to the new features mentioned above, the team spent a large portion of their time on bug fixes, improvements and CER’s, or Customer Error Reports. You should always send those crash reports on, so that we can track the issues and fix them!

Improved: Prevent associative centrelines, centre marks, patterns, or edge extensions to be accidentally moved 

Similar to associative objects like dimensions and leaders, Fusion 360 now prevents you from accidentally drag-moving associative centrelines, centre marks, patterns, or edge extensions. This should reduce the amount of unnecessary time spent on tweaking your drawing.

Here’s an animation of the old behaviour:

Here is the new behaviour:

The table below shows the general themes of what we fixed, if you click on the table, you will be redirected to a bit more in-depth detail.

As always, the team is always listening, we love to hear back from you. Keep an eye on the official Fusion blog and the roadmap to understand what we are up to.

Fusion Drawings Public roadmap

Official Fusion 360 blog

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