Jan/Feb 2022 Drawing Updates

It’s update time! The Jan/Feb release of Fusion 360 has 3 great updates to the drawings environment.

We’ve updated our welding standard for ANSI users. The latest AWS welding standard is now available to choose in Document Settings. Our welding dialogue now shows the standard in use.

Hole & Thread notes have had a HUGE update. First off, we now recognise external threads! Secondly, we now recognise non-hole holes. What’s a non-hole hole you may ask? It’s a threaded hole that was created using a circular cutout with a thread applied to it later (as opposed to using the hole command). This means that if you’ve ever needed to thread a hole on an imported STEP file (please stop using IGES files), your drawings can now pull this information into a thread note.

Feature Control Frames can now be attached to Dimensions, General Notes, Leader Notes and Hole & Thread notes.

All in all, this is a great update, I hope that you enjoy it as much as the team enjoyed building it.

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