Troubleshooting Dual Graphics cards on Windows

Windows 10 now controls settings for graphics cards, meaning that tools like the NVIDIA control panel no longer allow you to configure apps to run on your graphics card.

To set up your graphics card for Fusion 360 on Windows 10, follow these steps.

First off, launch Graphics settings by typing “Graphics” into your search bar (bottom left on your Windows Taskbar)

Next, search for Fusion, then right-click on the icon and choose “Open File Location”

Copy this location to your clipboard

In “Graphics Settings”, click “Browse”, now paste the contents of your clipboard into the path shown below. You should now be able to find Fusion360. Select Fusion 360 and click “Add”

The final step is to click on “Options” then ensure that “High performance” is checked, click “Save”, fire up Fusion and you should be all set with the “High performance” graphics card.

It is also possible to find the application by browsing directly to a desktop shortcut.

Here’s an animated GIF of the process, but this time using the desktop shortcut.

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