ClintI’m Clint Brown, and this is my “Now” page. The “Stuff” I’m working on at the moment lives here, it’s sort of a mind dump of what I’m up to:

Quick Note, this page is not listed on my site, so if you do stumble across it, please send me a quick hello, by commenting below, or via the contact page. I found about about “Now” pages on Tim Ferriss’ podcast #125 with Derek Sivers, it’s awesome check it out.

My Blog:

I publish a blog post every weekend without fail, sometimes they are already written and waiting to go up, other times they are partially formed ideas, and sometimes they are solutions to a customer problem (these usually get published immediately)

Check out the front page of the site for new posts.

I recently had my first guest blogger M Veldkamp submit a couple of really interesting posts, check his work out on the site:

Email Optimisation:

I hate email, I have been working hard to minimise the amount of email that I get, and I also have a massive set of rules that mark and file email, so that it is pre-sorted before I get to it. I’ve un-subscribed from most newsletters and I’m only getting a few spammy ones now. My filters are working quite well.

I for one cannot wait for the day that email goes the way of the fax!


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Keeping myself honest: This page was last updated on the 2nd of October 2019 at 12:34 PM, it is a sunny/stormy/rainy day in London.