I’m Clint Brown, and this is my “Now” page. The “Stuff” I’m working on at the moment lives here, it’s sort of a mind dump of what I’m up to:

Quick Note, this page is not listed on my site, so if you do stumble across it, please send me a quick hello, by commenting below, or via the contact page. I found about about “Now” pages on Tim Ferriss’ podcast #125 with Derek Sivers, it’s awesome check it out.

Covid Isolation update:

I don’t want to whine about not being able to go out. I’m extremely privileged to live in a home, with space for my wife and I to work from home. I’m even more grateful that we are both still able to work amid this crisis. I have family members who are effectively unemployed as a result of all of this, and it is quite scary. The uncertainty of it all can be overwhelming.

I am heartened by the amazing work that the NHS is doing, all front line NHS staff deserve a medal, or some sort of official recognition when all of this is over.

I wanted to talk about things that give me hope, for just a second… The project to build 1000’s of ventilators (at cost price to the NHS) by a UK manufacturing consortium is amazing, the Nightingale hospital project is awe-inspiring. The hundreds of thousands of volunteers who are helping the NHS are incredible. The humanity shown by so many gives me hope that we can beat this virus.

One of my favourite Ventilator projects is the one that G-Tech have put together, check it out here: It is very similar to the one by MIT that is doing the rounds. I love the spirit of engineers and makers coming up with solutions. These do however fall into 2 camps, the G-Tech/MIT camp, automate an approved manual set of equipment. And the 3D printed face mask camp, it looks OK-ish lets try monetise it camp. The best maker project seems to be the face shields, there are lots of them out there and I am a big fan of ordinary people making PPE for front line health workers.

To keep myself sane, I’ve been doing some exercise where possible, and making sure that I do 2 daily planks. I’ve done some online courses, and yesterday, I spent an hour and wrote some awesome code (well I thinks so anyway), that I will share on the blog in a few weeks.

Email Optimisation:

I hate email, over the past few months, I have been working hard to minimise the amount of email that I get. I have a massive set of rules that mark and file email, so that it is pre-sorted before I get to it. I’ve un-subscribed from most newsletters and just when I thought I was on top of it, I started receiving Corona Spam.

I for one cannot wait for the day that email goes the way of the fax!

Keeping myself honest: This page was last updated on the 30th of March 2020 at 06:42 AM, it is a cold overcast day in London.