ClintI’m Clint Brown, and this is my “Now” page. The “Stuff” I’m working on at the moment lives here, it’s sort of a mind dump of what I’m up to:

Quick Note, this page is not listed on my site, so if you do stumble across it, please send me a quick hello, by commenting below, or via the contact page. I found about about “Now” pages on Tim Ferriss’ podcast #125 with Derek Sivers, it’s awesome check it out.

My Blog:

I publish a blog post every weekend without fail, sometimes they are already written and waiting to go up, other times they are partially formed ideas, and sometimes they are solutions to a customer problem (these usually get published immediately) The next few blog posts that are scheduled to go up (Subject to change) are:

  • 2020.1 Update – Spell Checker
  • 2020.1 Update – Horizontal Shortcut
  • 2020.1 Update – Frame Copy Properties
  • Nesting Utility  – a blog post showing the pick guard on the guitar being nested

I recently had my first guest blogger M Veldkamp submit a really interesting post, check his work out on the site:

Email Optimisation:

This is going well. I have a really complex set of rules that file things for me in outlook, and I have even started using filters in Gmail, which are pretty cool for dealing with “noise”. But I have noticed that some big hotel chains seem to be sending me unsolicited email, in the form of surveys after staying with them…. these are getting trashed and unsubscribed to!


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Keeping myself honest: This page was last updated on the 19th of August 2019 at 07:23am, it is a windy day in London.