RAL + Pantone + Munsell Colour Generator for Inventor


I have written a tool that generates colours for Inventor based on the RAL, Pantone and Munsell standards. The idea, is that instead of having a full library of all of the colours (over 4000) from these standards, a user can generate the colour needed on demand, and then choose to add this to their libraries if required.

This utility works by installing a template file and Excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet contains all of the colour information, and the template file contains iLogic rules which generate the required colours. Colours are based on publicly available RGB tables.

Once installed, a user can create a new part file from the “RAL-Pantone-Munsell.ipt” template. From the iLogic form in the file, a user can then select a colour from the drop downs, as shown in the animated GIF below.

Clint Autodesk Inventor Pantone RAL Munsell.gif

This colour is now saved to the local part file. From here, you can save the colour to your Inventor Material Library, for use with other part files.

Simply click on the “Appearance” icon, the right click on the colour you wish to save, then select “Add to” and then choose “Inventor Material Library” and select a category.

RAL Pantone Munsell Autodesk Inventor iLogic

This version is compatible with Inventor 2019, but should work with newer versions (2020 etc.), this is achieved by changing the install path to the version required. Older versions will not work, as the template file has been saved in 2019 format. Newer versions will require the template file to be migrated.

Here is a real-time animation of the installation process.

Colour Installer

Download the installer here: 

Munsell Notes:

Due to the formatting of the spreadsheet used, there are no forward slashes in descriptions, which means that the selection of Munsell colours works as shown below:

5GY 7/10 would be selected as 5.0GY-7-10

Here is a nice Munsell colour reference: http://www.andrewwerth.com/color/


The iLogic rule “Colour” which is embedded in the template part, is a based on Mike Deck of Autodesk’s VBA rule shared in this forum.



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