How to fix “Share View Failed” in AutoCAD 2019

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I have been successfully using the shared views functionality in Inventor and Vault, but have had issues with AutoCAD. I have been unable to create a design share in AutoCAD 2019, when using shared views, I was getting the “unable to finish publish the view” error.

@ClintBrown3D AutoCAD shared views - cannot complete

The good news is that there is a security hotfix that sorts this out. You can download it below. This hotfix does not include an installer, so there is a bit of manual interaction involved, but it’s really simple to do.

Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2019 Internet Security Hotfix

  • You need Administrator Rights to continue (you may need the IT department)
  • Close AutoCAD
  • Download the Zip file
  • Unblock the Zip file, by right clicking on it and checking the “Unblock” checkbox

@ClintBrown3D autocad shared views problem - unblock

  • Copy the acad.exe.config file to the following location: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2019 (replace the existing file)
  • Fire up AutoCAD
  • Success, Shared views should now work.


Before finding this hotfix, I reset my profile, then updated to the latest service pack, then ran a repair install and finally a re-install. After all of this, I was still experiencing the same issue. So I thought I would share the fix with you, and hopefully save you some of the time I have wasted trying to fix this problem.

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