Inventor Quick Tip: Extrude Between (From To)

With the release of Inventor 2020, the Extrude command was moved to the new “Panel Interface”, which I love, BUT I got stuck the other day looking for the “Between” option in the extrude command.

At the time, I was doing some BETA testing for Inventor 2021, I momentarily thought that this option had been removed, but then remembered that I had used this functionality in 2020, I just needed to look at the options in front of me.

Below is a screenshot of the Extrude Command in 2019, notice that “Between” is an option under “Extents”

In 2020 onwards, this option is no longer listed, but is available through the new panel. The terminology used is “From – To”.

The trick is to select the profile you want to use, then to choose a “From” (starting point) and a “To” (destination), as shown in the image below.

Click me for high res version

The Animated GIF below shows the workflow in more detail, it’s actually very intuitive!

Click me for high res version

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