Running Inventor in the Cloud – with Forge

Autodesk have now retired Configurator 360, meaning that if you want to configure Inventor files in your browser, you will need to move to Forge, and specifially the Design Automation API for Inventor.

To help move you over to Forge, Autodesk have published open source code on Github which will allow developers on Forge to build product configurators and connect them to other Forge services, like Fusion Lifecycle.

The good news, is that with a few small tweaks, your iLogic enabled models and drawings will work with the Forge Design Automation API.

Adam Nagy of Autodesk published a blog post announcing the new online configurator open source files, as well as an online demo. The cool thing about the demo, is that you can upload files to it and give it a test yourself.

Check out the demo here:

I have managed to get my model to work in the cloud, admittedly it took SEVERAL attempts, and I needed some pointers from Adam (see his blog post listed below)

Things that I learned:

Autodesk Hosted Demo App:

The version you see in my video, is temporarily open to the public, most probably till around AU time (November 2020). Thereafter you will need to build your own app on Forge.


Only the parameters on the first tab in the form will reflect online, so you may need to tweak your forms.

Event Triggers:

The only one that worked was “Before Save”, so this is what I have
set up in my Inventor Assembly to update the parameters, and in the drawing to run the rules that tidy up my drawing.

Message Boxes:

Message boxes are not supported and need to be removed from your code. In my example (see video), I have limits set for certain parameters, and if a limit is exceeded, (once I removed the message boxes), the Forge sample shows an orange line under the parameter, mousing over this shows a message that the server has overridden the dimension.

iLogic code / Syntax changes:

There is no ActiveDocument, which means that ThisApplication.ActiveDocument needs to change to ThisDoc.Document

ThisApplication needs to change to ThisServer (this works on your PC too, for testing)

Command Manager is not supported, so code like the example below, will need to be coded long hand.


Adam has written an entire blog post about this, check it out here.


8th January 2021

I thought I should share my dataset that I used here. The code might be a bit untidy in places, but it all works, enjoy!

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