Fusion 360 – Marching on!

The March update to Fusion 360 is something not to be missed. This update is HUGE!

So what’s the big deal? Well, for starters the team has included a bunch of productivity updates as well as introducing brand new Assembly Concurrency workflows, and a new Nesting & Fabrication Extension.

For more details including workflow videos, check out these 3 articles:

Keqing Song’s “What’s New” update article.

Rob Cohee’s article on LinkedIn. Rob’s article gets into the weeds and explains how Assembly Modelling in Fusion is changing. There is a new experience that is more familiar to users of other CAD packages (I’m talking Inventor, SolidWorks etc.). As well as a demo showing Assembly Context workflows.

For a deeper dive into Assembly Concurrency workflows, check out John Helfen’s blog post covering the new functionality. You are going to love this!

Here’s the headlines from Trent, but please dig into the articles above, there are a LOT of new workflows that have just been unlocked which are going to make working in Fusion 360 even better.

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