Quick Tip – Creating & Reusing DWG Title Blocks

This post shows a workflow that will let you export your favorite Title Block from Fusion 360 to DWG, for re-use in existing drawings, or to import into a new template file.

If you’ve ever wanted to change the Title Block in your drawing to match a newer design, this tip could work for you.

To take advantage of it, you will need access to AutoCAD. But once you have the Title Block in DWG format, you can share it with any Fusion user.

There are a few steps, firstly, export your current drawing (with the title block setup as you’d like to use it) to “Simplified DWG”. Then open it up in AutoCAD.

In AutoCAD there are 4 steps:

  1. Delete the current Border (leave the Title Block intact)
  2. Move the Title block over to 0,0 the bottom right hand corner needs to be at the AutoCAD origin (more info in this post)
  3. Explode the Title Block
  4. Delete the Sheets (note that Layout 1 will appear, this is expected)

You can now save the DWG file.

In Fusion, you are now able to insert this Title Block as a DWG file when creating a new Title Block in your drawing.

I’ve put together a handy video to go along with the instructions above.

One more thing! The sweet tune is the background is courtesy of the extremely talented @Julianjvr.

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