Using Barcodes with Vault Mobile App

The new Autodesk Vault mobile app has a built in Barcode Scanner with is really handy. You may be wondering what exactly you can use it for.

I’ve found that the app works with QR codes and Barcodes. Barcodes are really easy to implement into your workflows, as certain types of barcodes are fonts.

In the image below, I am using that 3 of 9 barcode font on my Inventor template file. By using a Font, I’m able to generate a barcode with Inventor iProperty information, in this case “Part Number”. Being that this is essentially text, the barcode will always be up to date, based on the iProperty information.

I downloaded the 3 of 9 barcode font here: Once downloaded, unblock the zip file and extract the files. Then simply double click the .TTF file, windows will open it in the “Windows Font Viewer” and you can then install the font. Once installed it is availble on your PC in any application that uses fonts.

To get a barcode to work, there is a small formatting issue that needs to be observed. The Barcode needs a prefix and a postfix to work with the scanner. It looks like this *<PART NUMBER>* The prefix and postfix are both an asterisk, so in order to scan information, the beginning and end of the barcode need to be an asterisk, for example *barcode information*.

Click for HD version

Armed with the knowledge above, you can now create barcodes that the Vault app will be able to scan. These can be created in Inventor, or anywhere really. Imagine barcoded stickers on parts of a machine, a quick scan of the app, and you have all of the item information at your fingertips!

Here’s a quick demo of the mobile app looking at a barcode on a drawing, in the animation below, I choose to search by barcode in the app, then scan the barcode on the drawing, the app scans the barcode and returns a result for the part number of the model, tapping on “Where Used”, you can navigate to the drawing.

Additonal consideration: All users that will open the drawing in Inventor will need to have the barcode font installed, if not they may see error messages, and the barcodes will not display.

The Part number should not contain spaces, spaces will make the barcode un-scanable.

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